Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Thanks speech (the one actors give when they collect awards!)

Today I'm really thankful to the internet and technology for making it possible for small time writers like me to get their work published without a cost. Thank you for giving me the opportunity for running my own blog and making technology easier. Whoever created it, God bless you darling!

It is big thing for me because I've not explored the writing avenues yet and basically doing volunteering work which is getting published. I'm telling you if it was some regular job and I was being paid not adequately, how frustrated I would have been. But, writing doesn't do that to me. I feel at a comfortable place with it.

This blog is my place. I've the control of it and let me thank again the unknown techno guy who rendered this service. Had it not been for this place, I would have never known that I could write and yes, get some good appreciation from friends (and some not so good appreciation too). Still to discover what you've got, this was and would be the place.

I have written endlessly few mails to scoopwhoop, storypick and other bloggers and websites for getting an opportunity to write with them. Never heard back from them. I missed the interview at HT because of bad health. I mostly now apply to selected jobs as this is something that doesn't tire me and gives me happiness. How do I know this?

I recently got this opportunity to write an article for Katha titled "Importance of story pedagogy for children belonging to high risk groups." As most of my childhood have been spent on reading books and Katha being a pioneer publishing house for children books, I took up this task to write it. I kept waiting for feedback and when it did not reach, I thought may be I've screwed up. May be it was not written like they wanted. Yesterday, I mailed them to at least let me know what happened and what I got totally took me by surprise. So my article was published on Dec 1. This time I was the 20th person sharing it facebook! (Earlier I've had to share it myself!) I was telling my friend "Do you get it? They have the control and authority to publish it and they did it!" I got good words from the person to whom I made the submission.

Here is the link:

I want to thank almighty. I doubt and don't understand you at times thinking why this thing happened to me. But, I've to admit that had things not happened with me, I would have never looked for different opportunities and I would have never discovered what I do today. I've to believe that your plans are bigger than mine and there is no reason to think anything opposite than this. Also, I would like to thank my family and friends who always look up to reading what I write. Special thanks to my friend Akansha for her encouraging words and fellow writers, Rohit and Srilekha for being critical and frank. To Srilekha again, for editing stuff for me. To Katha Founder Geeta Dhamrajan for giving me this opportunity to write for their offical blog. To Udyam Prayas, founder Neeru Juneja for giving me the chance to design their newletter and I could further talk about it at Katha and grab their opportunity. :D

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bouts of selfishness

He calls me today after years of separation telling me "You can take some money from me." All these years I guess he only expected his wife to say "Sorry" as it is easier for woman to confess to the mistakes they've never done. Never calling me back and asking how are you and never paying for my maintenance because by living separately, I've done a crime in society and not him.

Why is he so ready to give money now and not when I asked him to pay for Aryan's education? The reason can make him seem a more pathetic person you know? It is because of demonetization in 2016. You know it can do different things to different people. It is a pain to most people's who are spending hours in queue trying to exchange their hard earned white money which now stands null by the value that it holds. It is a good one for those who praise it for the long term yet to be seen benefits for growth of economy and fight against black money.

You know I was empathetic for those people especially in rural areas about this whole exercise. But this personal incident now has made me re-think my opinion that suddenly own friends and family can change all because of this scheme. Sadly, that's what money can do to you. It can turn around people because they need you. This is a bout of selfishness because even you know the basic nature of such opportunistic people.

You ask that what did I do? I refused to accept it. Call it my ego or self respect whichever side you may choose to accept. I can't take things from people now who are never mine. I might ask when I need it but that's not my position now. It hurts that all it takes people to realize the worth of people is one such an exercise!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

So what is wrong with everything!!

It is really sad. Someone claiming to be writer is laughable with everyone these days writing something or the other and expressing themselves so much on social media and even private messaging.

You know what is more sad! These days words have started sounding meaningless. Just like "I love you too!" sounded to a wife from her husband. People casually using words may say "For sure, I will help you." Some may be talking to you for digging fun out of you and in the end saying it was only for fun.

Even, emotions are just too fake. I preferred not to use a kiss emoticon :* with my best friends because I did not feel like. But now I find random acquaintances are doing this especially on pics of each other. I've just adopted the trend with some close pals. (Still I try not to. Ask me, most people I wouldn't like to even hug) I adopted that "haha" long back. But, I've to say this that some things are not funny. In fact, sometimes people are sad or angry, but the likes of "haha" and "lol" are ways to ignore or rather diminish what the other person is saying. One should observe what people write and speak these days and then, one would realize there are no values attached to words and emotions these days. One moment people like something another moment they may like something else. (Even I'm the culprit of it) This is best seen on your Facebook newsfeed. Can our own feelings and thoughts be trusted these days?

Fake has really reached it's new level these days! Fake people build false expectations. You need to find the true ones and stick to them. Even, if I cherished time spent with them, it is better to stay numb to say the least. I've to practice hard to become back to that normal self when like was a rarity, if not "haha"! People who mean words should preserve their words for they should not go waste in so much noise around. Be a meaningful writer!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Destiny's playfulness Chapter-2

I never sat on a roller coaster. But true, I've made my life one. He didn't come back last week. I'm also concerned about him. Okay! Don't judge me! I so terribly want to meet this guy. His profile picture makes him a wannabe guy for me.

So this Monday, I called on that number. Oh no, his mother picked it up and she uttered,
"Hello, Could I please talk to Sachin?"
"He's not here at the moment. You can leave a message if you want."

And I could have gone and told her that I'm a friend but because I would look so desperate (there are so many people to judge, I tell you) that I ended up saying "I'm calling from the Tendulkar Academy from Wankhede Stadium. (Tendulkar Academy is the biggest cricket academy in India.) Tell, him to get first train to Mumbai and reach on Friday this week at 11 a.m. We need to see some growing raw talent. He must arrange things for himself."

Enough destruction done. His mother seemed to be taken by surprise and after few moments of pauses replied "Sure" and cut the call. Yes, he had told me his mother was very fond of him but his father disproved of his decision to spend or rather waste (in his father's language) his time into sport.  Well, mean things can happen to you when your father too was a cricketer in his younger days. He had told me.

What was next? I am waiting to see what happens this Friday. I know he would have never boarded the train on the request of a girl fantasising him to be her better half. He would think that I'm crazy. But, then, crazy and miraculous things can only happen to those people ready to dream. Let's see if his dream of cricket is crazy enough as makes me believe so as to make him board a train on the account of an unknown call. Now, when I think of it, it could be two crazy people chasing their crazy dreams. 

Time couldn't you just flip like a page in a book?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Destiny's playfulness Chapter-1

"Wow! you're so beautiful." He said looking at my photo I just shared with him on this online dating website.
'How could I not look beautiful now when you've shown me that you look no less than a hero.' I wondered.
My reply to him ":)"
This is the guy who has kept me interested since a month. His name is Sachin. Well, I've dated several men online. Most of them were fake. I mean many of them ended up giving fake photos, profiles and if these things were okay, their behavior pissed me off. My first relationship was with a guy I trusted blindly. I was 20 something. It lasted the most by 6 months. At the end I was emotionally drained as he wouldn't consider getting committed with me while at that time, a casual relationship almost sounded like a sin to me. He stopped being in touch with me and I was left solving my own miseries. After that, I don't know if I have ever considered somebody seriously. He left me making me as him. But even if I tried, I took time to evaluate people but always going in that playful manner in a relationship. Of course, online dating is no safe. I ended up meetings uncles and 16 year old teens on those dates (that you could actually call blind dates).

I'm Aakriti. I am 26 now. Things have got to change as my family back in Allahabad are considering looking for a fair, handsome, brahmin, manglik boy earning double digit salary! (Well, this is how they put the sales ad for their daughter in a recent matrimonial newspaper) I'm on the man hunt myself. I may  have had my share of bad relationships but I'm a hopeless at love. (read shameless)

I gave you guys all the reasons why I din't like the guys I met. Did I tell you why they reject me?Answers could be anything. I'm obese. To put it in nice words, my body mass index is more than what is desirable. I'm beautiful. I'm just chubby and curvaceous. (That's what I tell my relatives who tell me who always have a comment for me to tone down my body)  But, I know (and I don't guess it) most men like slim girls who could tightly fit into anything. They are more appeasing to them.

Anyway, right now I'm in Mumbai like I'm from the past 4 years working in an event management co. for my living and hastily, checking out my soulmate to be. This guy at present seems to be very sweet, not like the creepy lots I usually meet. We talk everyday. He tells me that he is from Nagpur and is looking for a breakthrough in cricket. Meanwhile, he is also working in his dad's sweet shop.
Today, I'm thinking to ask him for his phone number as I want to check on this guy now.
"Do you have any chance of coming in Mumbai?"
"I really don't know."
"Could we at least keep in touch over phone?"
"Yes I dont mind. This is my phone no. "345444131**"
":) "
"I've got some work to do sweet heart. Hope you don't mind."
"Ya no problem. I will call you."

I was happy as if I've achieved half the battle and he went offline. 'Oh no!' I just realized he has just given me his landline phone number 'How nuts! Crazy man! Does he really not have a mobile at this age of 2011?" May be he is thinking that I'm not to be trusted. Obviously, only crazy and available girls can be on dating websites! This is the mentality of most people. (Another reason of my rejections)

'Bloody hell! What would I do?' 'Just go playful about it!' Another part of my mind answered.


For continuation, keep watching this space.

Monday, 22 August 2016

School of thoughts

Today, I had a chance to witness different school of thoughts present at one place. This opportunity was rare for someone like me who is lazy and refuse to give up her sleep for a morning walk.

Recently, I visited this Patanjali shop near my house so as to purchase honey. Honey has become an integral part of my on and off diet plan. I saw this ad of free Ramdev yoga camp at a near by park. As I'm trying to improve myself these days, I had a word with the lady and she asked me to come from Monday onwards. I couldn't wake up on Monday after repeatedly snoozing off the alarm clock.

Finally, I made an effort on Tuesday. I woke up at 6.00 A.M (Big Deal!) As I went to the park, I saw middle aged people in that yoga camp and couldn't gather the feeling of joining it. But, I decided, now that I've come, I must take a round of walk and then go back home.

As I took the round in the park, I found many yoga classes going around. The one in which there were only 4-5 men doing yoga. Then there was another, with two men directing each other. As I moved around, there was one group consisting of an elderly women and two middle aged women. The elderly women was guiding the other two and was doing a round about of her body. I also happened to check the one which I was supposed to join. They were lying on the ground and then they sat to do the the laughing exercise "Hahaha". Then, there was this group of 20-30 people, the biggest batch doing some natrajasan lying on the floor.  (See, I know some asans. :P) This group had people from all age groups. The group squadron leader (meaning the yoga teacher of course!) was giving directions in mike.

All these people were doing yoga. However, all had different groups. Different school of thoughts in one arena and in one park! As for me choosing from such a perfect competition, I think I will continue with the morning walks. Let's for once do a fake one "Hahaha"!!! :D

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Why must I talk?

Sometimes (well, not sometimes), one feels utterly useless to talk because talking most of the times doesn't solve anything. There is a couplet in Hindi by poet Rahim which seems to be lingering on my mind.

This has been my dp for a short span in whatsapp. Whatever is written here, I seem to agree to it. Now, I understand why do so many people lie? Lying brings tough times. The biggest trouble with lying is when you lie, you have to remember what you said, as quoted by English writer Mark Twain. But sometimes, lying is the easiest way to escape unnecessary judgments of people because sharing them may vent out your feelings. However, it won't solve the problem at hand.Sometimes, truth can bring jealousy, truth can reveal weaknesses and there are people out there to take advantage of that truth.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,  the Art of Living guru says share your happiness with everyone but share your sorrows only with the divine. Hiding is as good as lying. It is high time that we sympathies with the liars because people know who matters and who is going to stay forever. So, why give away unnecessary details to people who are just like waves and even more so, they have their own turmoils to pay heed to. Don't be an agony aunt my dear friend because frankly lying is the new truth.